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Saphira is the first company to bring the minerals of the Dead Sea to the world of hair care.

Saphira Tessler grew up in quiet suburban Maryland. At a young age Saphira traveled with her family to Israel for four months. The experience moved Saphira so much, that she decided to stay and live in Israel. Saphira became a strong advocate in empowering young women and in fact created programs to young school girls to believe in themselves. Though she was excited to be living, studying, and growing in Israel, she was never entirely satisfied with the available hair products. Through extensive research, she discovered the incredible impact that the minerals from the Dead Sea can have on hair. In 2011 Saphira succeeded in opening the very first, female owned, 100% natural hair care line using minerals from the Dead Sea. Saphira and her team successfully created formulas and ingredients to support every woman's hair based on hair type, color and treatment. Using Saphira products is about more than hair health, it is about confidence and inspiring women to believe in themselves.  

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Rodoma 1 - 24 iš 43 dalykų