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Diego Dalla Palma

Him and her. A nice love story.

The diego dalla palma group springs from the confluence of several sources: research in the cosmetic sector, science and the RVB SKINLAB technique, wich intersect with the legend of a world famous brand for its style and breakaway language: the Italian lovemark diego dalla pama. On the one hand HIM, a bizzarre and sophisticated brand, on the other hand HER, an intriguing company, but rational like a laboratory test. From the encounter between diego dalla palma end RVB SKINLAB with their expertise and affinity springs a very modern story that is making millions of people fall in love with this union of sound scientific research and typical Italian glamour.

An Italian spoken all over the world.

Creativity, elegance, beauty. These are the values that have made people all over the world love Italian products, and they are the values of the group. The diego dalla palma group is today a cosmetic industry known in 54 countries on all the continents. A group that has become known for its products and loved for its original but understandable language in all parts of the world.

Beauty According to us.

Right from our founding, our vision has been to explore all  the areas of beauty and do so in an unusal way, seeking differenet solution, because every woman is a world unto herself and true beauty does not allow constraints. The diego dalla palma group intends to use all the resources of its diversity to help women free themselves of the dominating beauty ideal, healping each one of them to feel unique and beautiful beginning with themselves. In our time there cannot be one single idea of perfection to be achieved, but rather many beauty ideas. Today, diego dalla palma believes in this and expresses its philosophy in the area of cosmetics, make up and hair styling. Tomorrow, who knows.

Make Up

Focusing on innovation, diego dalla palma products are created utilising state of the art compositions. Continually striving to anticipate trends, each collection offers the possibility to create every type of look - from the classic to the most extreme. Few people know that, for many years, Diego Dalla Palma worked as a theatre makeup artist and among his wishes was to convey the little secrets he learned from those enchanted moments. For this very reason, we can find unique products that are unknown to most and which are utilised to prepare the face both before and after application. Also among the collections are products that aid the duration of the makeup and which enhance the face without masking it or giving it that cakey look. 

Skin Products

The fundamental prerequisite to achieve a flawless look is to have flawless skin: this is why diego dalla palma milan decided to invest in the research and the development of skin care products. Through their diverse beauty programmes, they have acquired a profound knowledge of the different types of skin and its requirements.Thanks to new technology and the use of active ingredients that repair, hydrate and offer anti-ageing solutions, diego dalla palma’s products are continually evolving and expanding.


Hair frames the face and soul of every woman and it is usually the first thing she changes when she wants to update her look. diego dalla palma milano decided to create a hair care line ad hoc that would break the traditions of the industry. The idea was to supply instruments and products that would allow every woman to style her look: this is a line rich in glamour but at the same time, a collection that protects and cares for the hair. Shampoo, treatments and precious elixir exalt the style and characteristics of every type of hair and allows for constant and professional care. 

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