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Macho Beard Company

Macho Beard Company Story

At Macho we are rockers, we are riders, and we are a lot more that you may like or not, but above all we are bearded men producing beard-grooming cosmetics. We have suffered cold shoulder for having beards. We have always taken care of our facial hair’s hygiene and nourish. We are beardies that could not found a product in the Spanish market that did not irritate our skin, or capable of moisturizing our beards to the limit. We are bearded men with an almost epic purpose: take care of the beards and mustaches all over with our natural premium formulas.

Now that is more than a year that our products were introduced into the market, and reception amongst our bearded colleagues is enormous, we realize how many things can fit into a 10 milliliters bottle:

  • The dream of becoming the natural beard and mustache grooming cosmetics brands with the highest quality in the international market.

  • The ton of hugs we received from other bearded men that, after trying our formulas, and feeling their real effect on their own, had come to share there joy with us.

  • The thousand miles by van, motorbike, or scooter trolley that we have gone over in order to make our brand public at fairs, barber shops, or whatever party that we were invited to.

  • The “Rock’n’Roll” playing every morning to start the day while grooming

  • The inspiring beers, those for celebration, meetings… it is always a good moment for a beer, right?

  • All those friends that broke their backs helping us moving wood planks, hay bales, or whatever crazy idea we had to make some Brand noise.

  • The alchemy hours, the design ones, the phone, the tests, the photo shootings, the orders shipping…

The Macho Beard Company formulas are the result of several years of study, tests, and mixtures improvement, always made with our one-of- a-kind Macho Formula, natural ingredients, essential oils of the highest quality and concentration your skin can accept. We, traditional style, have created these potions as we discover it has been done since antiquity. Beard oils, balms, or mustache waxes that we share with our bearded friends at start, and ended up creating a brand because there was a pile of bearded asking us to take care of their beards and moustaches.

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Rodoma 1 - 15 iš 15 dalykų