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Trendy Hair
Trendy Hair is the line of products created by fashion gurus and specialists in hairdressing, a genuine revolution capillary that has been transformed in a myth in the hairdressing sector. FASHION & SOUL. Each member of the artistic team brings something unique that makes the brand a global concept and transgressor. TRENDY HAIR is the union of ancestral therapies with the latest in fashion and current technology. We converted the hair of women into a pure object of desire.

In our research center with the latest technology we have developed a nanocapsula with the three ingredients of the formula of trendy Hair: the keratin , Gingeng and Actiscent, resulting in a luxury product for the hair. A formulation based on the alchemy of the Japanese tradition, created by a highly qualified scientific equipment.1+1=3 Pure Cosmetic treatment: Keratin, Ginseng & Actiscent.

The products Trendy Hair have won different awards. It is 100 % functional, with a high concentration in raw material capable of nourishing, embellishing and repairing the capillary fibre and the scalp from the first meeting. Its development in the laboratory arises from the called “Integral Approach”, which the Keratina combines, the Ginseng and the perfume Actiscent to obtain a cosmetic product .TRENDY HAIR is capable of nourishing, of embellishing and of repairing the capillary fibre and scalp in little less than one meeting.
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Rodoma 1 - 9 iš 9 dalykų